Maidenhair Rehab

Ferns are awesome - there's something decidedly prehistoric about them that is just delightful. If I had to pick a (fern) favourite, it will have to be the Maidenhair Fern. More specifically Adiantum raddianum with its lush fronds of delicate green leaflets. Up until recently though, I have been terrible with Maidenhair Ferns - I think the record was … Continue reading Maidenhair Rehab


My First Terrarium

I'm not in a very creative place at the moment, so I thought I will tell you about my little terrarium project from a few months ago. I love cacti and succulents - there are some unusual and cute specimens and a huge variety. And they're super easy to care for. As they are extremely popular these days, … Continue reading My First Terrarium

Pottering about with Chillies

It's the height of summer in this part of the world and perfect conditions for growing chillies. This year I'm attempting to grow quite a few varieties of chilli, mostly from seed: Cayenne Chilli Jalapeño Capsicum Manzano and A mishmash of others from saved seeds which we didn't bother to label! They're all in various … Continue reading Pottering about with Chillies